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Hidayah Allah atau Bala Bencana

Suatu hari, di sebuah University yg Indah di Pahang.

Tiba2 saja bekalan air terputus, putusnya bermula di C15 kemudian melarat ke C14 pastu C13. Pasti ini satu lagi tragedi untuk umat Islam di University ini, tentu sekali tiada yang lebih aman melainkan mendapat bekalan air bersih dengan amannya.

Untuk dijadikan cerita, C15 merupakan tempat yang paling dekat dengan Masjid, tapi sayang sekali bukanlah masjid itu menjadi tempat bersujud utama mereka. Mungkinkah dengan hidayah ini, Allah telah mengajak mereka agar solat di Masjid.

Dan kini, rasa2nya akan melarat ke blok2 berhampiran, kita hanya dapat mengharap yang terbaik, bukanlah yang berbicara ini orang yg baik sedangkan ia sentiasa lalai.

Pentas dunia yang zalim, kelak kita akan melihat pentas keadilan.


I did some solat just now, I mean its a dawn prayer for muslim, and I should be praying about two rakaats(two times standing still). Yeah right, a daily routine for a muslim, well a muslim not that kinda of so-called muslim.

Guess what, Well I like problems, I prays about 6 rakaats, because my heart is not satisfied with my first prayer, then I did second and still I thinking something was missing, and I did the third one, yet something is missing, my heart tremble with dissatifaction.

Oh well, I did my best. Well that at least what I think the best.

Great new day again. I would like to tell about the world, accurately my world.

Yesterday, I recieved a messages from a friend. Yup just a friend. The message goes like this, "...her wife would be happy if shes married him...", I translated that from malay to english so something might be missing in translation. The thing is when read her message, I miss out that point, I then reply her message and so on.

This morning, I read up my message again, for some particular reason, maybe because of bored and so forth. Something come pop up to my mind, I guess if shes said that, maybe her life would be miserable if shes had married me.

Just think about it, I'm a not so good person, always does stupid works, thinking about easy-going life an so on. Suddenly theres just some one hoping that I can give some thing good that would probably make their life better, they surely will suffered like me instead of being happy.

Thinking even more depth, do I really deserved some happiness? Like the other? am I a happy person? This is the point where my life determine, its not like I questioning what had been given to me, the thing that I want to stressed out here is the present me, its the thing that occur to my life.

I guess I don't really care about anything, Life is cool, life is good, the thing is we make our life better. Arent that everyone wishes for something for their future?


Its been about 4 days the cafeteria closed.

Its been 4 days I had earned food from other.
How shameless I am.

Thinking back, why didnt the university think about this? Well I guess you are too old so it up to you to handle it. I guess I just lazy to change my life.

Can I hate somebody for this? no right. I'm hungry, I need food.

On one second, why did we always keep on relied on other?(oops is that proper spell? nvm)
This is what happen when we keep on relying on other, they died and you will also perished with them. They can do anything at you, abuse you, make you suffer and all those evil stuffs.

But then, thinking possitively, this is the real world, someday somehow we might face this situation. When? easily when that some American dude come and conquer your nation or any other nation just like that guy in Israel.

Nevertheless, I felt it, the poor. I think if the poor acctually taste like this every days, surely they couldnt stand. I never taste something like this in ramadhan, Allah give me hidayah, He shown it to me, its different, its totally different than fasting.

When we fast its one obedient to Allah, but is it really that bad? No. Fasting is acctually easy and can be done, unless if you had a week Iman(aka Faith to Allah) and physically and mentally unfit. But do our fasting really accepted by Allah, no and not really, only Allah knows better who are among His slaves are more obedient.

So speaking about this, what does a money good for when you cant use it?
Money is just a tool, But Allah give us everything.

Its over

I guess simply write in whater form is not my style at ALL.

Okay I guess, I had deleted 2 blogs just now. Its a failure.

Yeah I know I'm a failure ;p.

So WHAT? lol.

Salam Eidulfitri

Teringat plak idup ini...

rasanya aku telah gagal.
mungkin aku mewarisi kegagalan dalam diri.
dulu kini dan selamanya.
bukanku berdoa untuk gagal,
inilah yang aku rasa selama ini.

But the whenever failure come to me,
Well I JUST hope for the best.
Its was nothing though, after it's life, right?
DEFINITELY nothing is easy.
Thats totally true, yet I believe its not.

A day of celebration, I taste defeat a day before, I'm a failure.
A day of celebration, I taste the suffering of minor, the are major in the world.
Now I know, life isnt easy.
Why not given up?

Its easy to say, but get it done is hard, right?
LOL philisophical talk wont change the world.
INVAIN in life, nah its just my life.
Why? I failed the test!

I wonder how I would walks my life,
I just cant see a clear path.
Which path should I take?
I had chosen one, but still, I failed.

What are the other options?

Ya Allah jika hidupku ini baik untukku, panjangkanlah umurku,
Ya Allah jika matiku ini baik untukku, matikanlah aku.
Ya Allah matikanlah aku dalam iman, akhirkannya dengan Husnul Khatimah.

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