Pengakhirannya? (Ada perkataan ni kah? hehe)


terutama sekali dan sekali lagi Saya mohon ampun dan maaf atas keterlanjuran Saya yang tidak dapat mengupdate2kan blog kesayanganku ni hehe

dah sampai hujung thn ni.. mesti ramai siap2 dgn azam msng bkn gtu? hee

tapikn klu sylah.. sy jarang sgt bleh tercapai azam2 ni.. terutama azam2 yg pelik2 ni, entahlah mgkn smgt tak cukup kuat kut hee.. kekuatan tu belum ada.. tapi klu asyik nak tggu kekuatan tu sampai.. mgkn tak dpt2 lah.. ntahlah.

Mgkn azam yg sy nak tahun ni... adalah kekuatan.. supaya mendapatkan kemudahan kepada sesuatu kekuatan untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk mendapat keredhanNya, insyaAllah.

klu nak bt ssuatu untk Istiqamah tu pun susah gak.. sbb tu perlu kekuatan, apa lagi maw meningkat hee.. so kene ar cuba utk bt ssuatu walaupun sikit skurg2nya ada hee, bkn bgtu? hehe

Eid al-Adha

Assalammualaikum :)

Raya aidil adha dah isk2 hehe nak jugak tulis2 sesuatu kat sini hehe

ada tiga pengorbanan:

Pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim a.s mentaati perintah Allah untuk menyembelih Nabi Ismail a.s dan kemudiannya ditebuskan kepada Kibas, sebagai anugerah mentaati perintah Allah.

Pengorbanan Nabi Ismail a.s mentaati perintah Allah untuk disembelih, Sesungguhnya Nabi Ismail adalah daripada kalangan orang-orang yang bersabar dan berserah kepada Allah.

Pengorbanan Siti Hajar (Isteri Nabi Ibrahim a.s) sebagai isteri yang taat pada perintah Allah, walaupun ditinggalkan di tengah-tengah padang pasir bersama Nabi Ismail a.s yang masih lagi kecil ketika itu, beliau tetap taat akan perintah Allah dan suaminya Nabi Ibrahim a.s.. Selain itu beliau juga diuji apabila kehabisan bekalan makanan.

Begitulah ujian dan dugaan Allah kepada hamba-hamba yang beriman. Semoga kita dapat mengambil mengajaran daripada kisah-kisah tersebut, insyaAllah.

p/s: Mungkin saya tertinggal sesuatu atau terlebih sesuatu, maafkan saya atas kesilapan itu.

Salam Aidil Adha kepada mengunjung2 blog ku ni hee, bkn aku yg kawen tu hehe

Hati Ku perlu Ketenangan

As of today, life continues... Weeee

Yup, I'm thinking about doing something odds today. I had enough of sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping, plus I had good foods and luxurious time for enjoyment. Thinking deep, I couldn't wonder how things are going to be better or rather normal. My life is just like a mistake, but no more, I must change.

I was watching this anime, I know its kinda a bit to unorthodox and unsaint, but the message it serves are well adapted in our life. The thing is I only watch anime and less reading, thus I keep on getting knowledge from anime instead of book. Anime is kinda cool they got image and audio sensation, though I'm reading the substitle all the time, the true is that the medium is on set of great educational evolutionary method of delivery idea and thoughts.

Quite a few changes occur during my "self reluctant education" period at UMP, sigh, it was hard. I had difficult time catching up things. But thing get a little bit energetic for some reason, I know its hard. The fact that I did learn alot here. Maybe for some reason I begin to understand people, why we get selfish and arrogant. Some more living is not the best thing in life without learning to live. Moreover I found my self helpless and inneed for desperate helps but things always astray well through times and space.

One thing for certain that I can understand the most, about people around us, we are not that much of different, you are a doctor, a teacher, a lecturer, a technician, a comedian, you name it. Whats differ is that our "ATTITUDE". Its tough one, I know this kind of thing back from secondary school, where mdm. Tan's said "tidak apa-apa attitude"(it mean like "so what", if its direct translation it be all like funniest (no what-what attitude?). This kind of attitude that differentiate all of us, atleast thats what I think.

A little bit of things I did today, I had try using google chrome, and I am using it now, theres few failure but yet its still simple and user friendly, that is if you think theres nothing for you would do otherthan surfing the net. Weird, before they had it, they has had promoted mozilla firefox, now they had their own. Oh ya, When did Bill Gates step down? Woah I must be ignorant for not reading or listening to news. p/s I'm busy hehe.

Abit from the news, A mumbai incident, no, Its a massacre. From my own observation, this massacre would provoke hatred and anger toward the muslim. What afraid me more, its not that the Indian muslim would be effected by this although that the Indian muslim had suffered more than ever. Muslim all over the world are been thrown into image of disgrase and terrorism. But if we look even deeper, InsyaAllah someday, we would come into resolution we theres no other option, that time is nearer, more and more terrorism occur, the more closer we to the world's true color. Whatever it is, its just something that I feel might happen or maybe our unseen enemies are doing their own homeworks.

Hati Ku perlu Ketenangan :)

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