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It's pity

It's about a year, haha. oklah update setahun sekali dari tak update langsung, blogging dah macam jadi perkara yang out-dated haha betulkah? FB ni plak jadi mcm perkara yang kehadapan.... laa sangat. whatever.

Thing had changed, but some friends said that i haven't lol, well I did... hmn maybe not a slight, but nevermind, changes or static doesn't always mean in good way.

hmn no idea, i probably going to start blogging, eversince there is alot to be worth explaining hahaha, after all malaysian are too quick to judge. pity, that also include me, but it doesn't matter, it's your life.... but it does bother me a little bit, but i kept that in mind and go on, avoiding conflict and protecting relationship are much better than winning a debate.

but then... talking about relationship hmn... well, lately i've been deleting friends from FB, sorry about that, i felt that, the past, friends and so on it inflicting my self, my feeling and my future decision........ i know that this is abit too selfish, but then again, is it wrong for me to be happy? well FB is still just a FB nothing more nothing less.... i'm good at making reason adeiii haha -.-". but seriously, i remember and i still appreciate someone in my life...

i haven't change, i realized that i were triggered into certain thing because of somebody in my life, that's why i become so choosy, thing like wanting for marriage and so on hehe, i noticed this thing isn't new, it's even jotted down in this blog haha, i know who and what triggered that haha adeii. but nevermind...

still, my self today was the past me, even if i get rid my past, the present me would always look into the past... hmn look like it is bad... but NO, it is the experience that teaches me the most, it is the lesson that i leaved behind, and lately it's start coming into me, for some reason i don't know... maybe the PAST me was too serious(as i see now, erkk maybe not at all), unlike the present me, and wanting for marriage is what made me serious about life and the future.. hmn hehe adei.

ok then, i don't think there is much to be said, i had a hard time logging just now haha, i think i would update this blog regularly, haha, i hope no one would noticed it haha... hmn and it's been 23 years(i'm old) hahaha, but i don't really celebrate it, if not mistaken it is around this time i were born inthe morning, the thanks are all to my mother, at it's best, though i don't really celebrate it, but for me who had live the life of the past, it is always feel like being appreciated, the pasts still do not leave me huhu...

ps written in the morning, edited in the afternoon hehe.

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