a better tomorrow

i have stabled.

maybe someday, i would asks myself, what were i thinking. get the idea right? hehe

there was things that really puzzle me, when i was able to follow it, but i don't know which and what. weird, do i memorizing only by hearing, or i did memorized it. hmn.

recently, but again, i chatted with a friend, there are some few things, but i were amazed by their thought about me, well i did realized this before, but i don't really take it seriously. hmn.

on of the comment, you are(were) smart, what happens? girls? haha -.-"
you been to ump, taking engineering course, hmn i don't know that is big and brilliant, hmn.
to be honest, even i don't know for sure how smart i was haha -.-"
but sometimes, people are envious over little things you have, so never underestimated the little things you have.

but then, i don't know, what made me changed over this 5 years...
i what to make the idea that my friend had over into reality... i hope i can do something about it...

we were young, we thought a lot about the future and hopes for better tomorrow,
now we are old, we seem alot, but the yesterday hope seem to have gone along it...
can there be a better tomorrow for us?


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